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HZ079E Standard machine for pad and wire welding

Saw blade diameter 120mm~790mm Carbide tips width 1.5~6mm
Steel thickness 1.0~5mm Weding speed 6~12S/T
Weding angel -5°~+25° Electric power Square wire 220V  3×6㎡
Air pressure ≥ 5KG Water pressure ≥ 3KG
Measurement  L×W×H L1600mm×W1100mm×H1800mm Weight 475KG
Welding precision <0.07mm Sliver pad size 1.5mm~6mm
Sliver wire diameter 0.5mm~0.6mm


1.Automatic tooth selection, feeding, dispensing, welding one-time molding;

Accurate alignment, solid welding and stable quality;

2.Raindrop new visual material selection system, high recognition accuracy, simple and easy to set,one key recognition of alloy direction function;

3.Tip infrared temperature measuring device, temperature control accuracy is less than 1 degree;

4.Full CNC operating system, with memory and query functions;

CNC control, safe and reliable advanced ultra high frequency heating controller, small volume, low power consumption, high efficiency;

5.Imported electrical components, stable life 5-10 years;

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